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Naked 2 palette packaging

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There is 1 color that were available in both palette.

I never use it so I had to go find it. Newer Post Older Post Home. Naked women yoga pants. Naked 2 palette packaging. It's hard to blend the fake super well at least in my opinion than the real one. Sunday, March 16, Naked 2 Palette: Here are the differences I noticed: Fake makeups can contain carcinogens and other harmful substances.

These shadows are highly pigmented and of high quality, so please, do yourself a favor and get them! I bought a Naked 2 on makeupexchange, and I just received it. I bought both of my palette a couple of months ago while I was still living in the UK. The writing is also a lot bigger and reaches closer to the edge of the palette than the real one. Great shadow formula, fantastic, well-thought-out packaging.

You have to be very careful if carrying it for travelling. I'm not super make up savvy yes lol. Hd tits free. I bought my Naked 2 last summer in London, so while it is possible that UD changed packaging and that the upside UD was a manufacturing error, I would still be in doubt about the palette's authenticity.

The real one and the fake one look completely similar. But these two palette I bought as a graduation present for myself! They go on very differently as well. The packaging is sturdy and better here. Naked and Naked 2 both near each eye…LOL. Amazing pigment, pretty packaging and gorgeous colours are just some of the reasons why everyone is raving about them.

You should post swatches proof is in the pudding. The fake is more chalky like feeling while the real on is more silky smooth. Amika Polished Perfection Straightening …. This is more of a neutral palette and we love the colors! I don't think it's counterfeit. When you apply the product, it is long lasting. Half-Baked — golden bronze with shimmery finish. Jack napier milf. I did not find a pure greige though but most of the eyeshadows have a bit grey stormy tone to them.

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To me, the real Chopper is more bronze while the fake one is a deeper bronze with a hint of orange.

I thought it was real. Jamie murray tits. When are you going to declare the winners?

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Dark Light Custom Preview. YDK is another brownish goldish color yes I realize that I've said that already but I have no idea how to describe it other than that and the fake is again Mine is for sure real, as I got it from Sephora. Embed Code hide post details. And oh my, the blending ability is off the charts! I don't have the real Naked 2 to compare with, but I hope these help! I'm not going to include it because it's just a little booklet with a few samples of their primer potion in it.

I bought my Naked 2 last summer in London, so while it is possible that UD changed packaging and that the upside UD was a manufacturing error, I would still be in doubt about the palette's authenticity.

It is sturdy enough to be carried while travelling and yet quite light. The "Urban Decay" on the back side of my Naked 3 is also the exact same placement as the real Naked 2 in the video it doesn't face me, but on my "Naked" 2 it does face me. If i need a lil dash of colour. Fansi 17 August at A long time ago when I was first getting into makeup I accidentally got a fake Naked2 at the time I didn't even know fake makeup was a thing!

Notify me of new posts by email. Mine has a round, clear sticker on the back with the 4 digit code, instead of it being printed on there. Naked 2 palette packaging. Mature womans tits. This palette is an amazing addition to so many other palettes that I have.

They go on very differently as well. Actually when I received it earlier today there was one of those, but it was actually a sticker, not printed onto the palette. Today, I'm going to write about a quite high end cosmetics product that is known all over the world. Your Naked 2 looks identical to mine as well. I think it's great in terms of longevity! The lip junkie lipgloss is amazing muted pink with minty flavor.

Yes I know, I should've known better but I am still new to this whole super good make up thing. There should be a 4 digit code on the back of the palette on the bottom right like this Unfortunately I don't see one on yours:


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