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Snsd yuri lesbian

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I love Yuri, but it is true that sometimes she doesn't know when to stop or when she's annoying people.

Here we go again this all oh there's a cold war because Yuri's gay. Hot naked mature women videos. The truth is out there, you can notice easily these 3. And Seobb didn't look really upset with it.

But I doubt they would ever admit it unless there was a certain situation they were caught in. Snsd yuri lesbian. Jan 28 I didnt read that, thanks you iban well, I do think SNSD is such a gay group but I dont think this "insider" knows how they really think, its more how this "insider" thinks about the group.

I'd say bi or at least bicurious or However, many did not buy it, considering her previous relationship with EXO's Baekhyun. Welcome Guest [Log In] [Register]. It's all quiet in here all of a sudden. It sounded more like she was being manipulated by two older more influential personalities in the industry Please use proper link flairs when posting. LovelySerenity and taigoesrawr like this. What was suspicious was that all the searches related to them kept on being taken down which only fueled the rumors.

Mar 16, Messages: It's as probable as anyone else being gay I suppose. Jade tailor naked. Or have you been lurking for a while now I just think she didnt like that Yuri was so insistent.

You're watching TaeNy videos on your mobile? With taking the insider with a grain of salt: Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled.

She treats her with so much adoration which I feel is atypical to Taeng since I feel like she's the "Rocker" type.

Snsd yuri lesbian

Her reaction was adequate for friendly teasing. Being a bi-woman is more "acceptable" in the queer korean community than being a lesbian? You hate gay guys?

Nov 3, Messages: Several functions may not work. We already know the lioness queen likes women, but I wonder what she's been up to lately what anon? Nine Muses - Dolls. Wait, I'm losing track.

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Still would be nice though and I can see Taeyeon being gay Apr 4 She was on a radio show and she introduced a song as being "one that you'd play for someone you loved" in a romantic sense and the host asked if she had ever played it for someone she was interested in, and she said yes.

Now that I've seen him very often on shows, he's definitely not gay to me at all no matter what gayness he does. If so, how did you find us coz this is a really, really new thread. Big tits big nipples tumblr. Do tell us more! News Windows Store Vs. There is just no denying about that. Sunny and Taeyeon are totally secret girlfriends.

I guess I can't say much more than that she would be understanding to people around her coming out if they ever did. Nine Muses - Dolls. And Seobb didn't look really upset with it. There's also knowing and knowing it could hurt your career. Snsd yuri lesbian. She was concentrated on her all this time. Fake tits mom. I mean, it is her fucking name.

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Several functions may not work. Not fitting into a mold society had set. Oct 26, Messages: Besides trying to read through lchat forums where do I even begin jumping into stanning my new favorite gay?

Mar 13, Messages: And I want Yoonhyun to be real Some way or other we figured out she's gay a long long time ago and we don't live with her do we, I mean it took me maybe a couple weeks since I known them to figure out both her and Taeyeon just by looking at videos and shit.

I said this in the shade thread but whenever I watch the 'Born to be Wild' MV Jo Kwon looks so disinterested in smacking the booty like he couldn't wait for the director to call cut had to look back to make sure he was touching it he kinda even wasn't if you look at his hand like boi ngl he killed it in the Priscilla outfit.

In early September, Taeyeon was chosen as the new brand icon of Banila Co. Guest Feb 7 Want to add to the discussion? It's as probable as anyone else being gay I suppose. New subscribers please read the side bar before posting. They ain't gonna be doing it with boys though are they?


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